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ALTA KRAINA – professional agent in food market:
A team of like-minded people and professionals that has been successfully operating in the European market supplying raw material and ingredients for the food industry.
Our company is the representative of the major world producers of juice concentrates, fruit purees, tomato paste, wine etc.
Delivery of production is provided from our warehouse (cleared goods) and by means of a direct contract with a manufacturer. We guarantee full support to the balanced coordination in agreements between suppliers and customers in the network of international law and the existing trade practices. Based on our long-term experience we are sure we can achieve optimal delivery terms, quality control and payment conditions. Our experts will secure the control of shipping and customs documentation to avoid delays of supply.
Thanks to acquired contacts and experience, ALTA KRAINA offers optimal and beneficial service for customs clearance and logistics of goods.
We believe successful partnership is possible thanks to a uniform value system with our customers. That’s why we strive for understanding each client and create our relationships based on esteem, confidence and quality philosophy.

Goal that Inspiring and open relations are successful key factors of ALTA KRAINA.