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About us

Alta Kraina is your personal guide in purchasing and supplying concentrated juices, fruit purées, berries and other ingredients.

About us

Alta Kraina is your personal guide in purchasing and supplying concentrated juices, fruit purées, berries and other ingredients.

Alta Kraina Company is a producer and a professional agent in the international market for the food industry. We supply a wide range and variety of organic fruit purées, concentrated juices and frozen IQF berries.
We rapidly develop our own production of frozen berries and concentrated juices. It enables us to provide high-quality products which have our own personal guarantees.
We are working as a purchasing department by searching for the most reliable suppliers of raw materials from Ukraine and around the globe for you.
We are working as a sales department by supplying your food ingredients to the big industrial companies of the C.I.S. and Europe.
We take on all procedures connected with the shipping documents, contracts as well as the documents for the producer's distance audit.
We monitor logistics, consult on the delivery cost and work out the most convenient goods delivery route.
We control the quality of supplied goods: ensure that all shipped products comply with the approved samples and specifications of the clients; audit the production and quality of the products; monitor the sanitary and hygienic standards beginning from harvesting in the fields and ending with the delivery to the client; and checking safety characteristics before each shipment.
We have been working in the food industry for more than 15 years.
During that period we have accumulated a unique suppliers base, learned how to make forecasts and prevent market risks, refined all possible problems associated with processes and stages of delivery, and started our own production.

However, our greatest advantage is communication. We provide each client with a personal manager who resolves all matters connected with the deal. We build up cooperation based upon maximum comfort and confidence for our customers and clients. Our priority is to know that you are smiling even when you're talking with us over the phone.

Our strengths

Control of data acquisition and continuous auditing of the production
Handling all incoming requests
Searching for new goods and suppliers
Rapid delivery of goods
Prompt local deals
Expert appraisal of the market and prices
Personal approach
Quality control
Price audit
Our values
There are important principles which our team considers their personal goals and we adhere to them in all situations.
People are our main resource.
We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and comfort of our employees. In first place in business we see people, not the goods, deadlines and budget.
Whatever we are doing, we monitor the quality level: in communication, deadlines, obligations and agreements. Our goal is to provide services today, better than yesterday.
Personal approach.
We focus thoroughly on the specific work for every client, strive to know them better, study their needs and requirements and begin to think and act like them. In this manner we are becoming an invisible but, above all, indispensable "assistant" of the client.
We always keep our promises and aspire to exceed expectations and are ready to help in non-routine issues. The majority of our clients come back and stay with us for continually and ultimately becoming our friends.
We guarantee you not only speed and comfort of service but also confidence in the success of the deal. Before extending our cooperation with a supplier we make an independent audit and certification of the producers and, besides, each season we pay a visit to the fields and production lines. So, we can guarantee you the result.