Search of suppliers and establishment of contacts
We find the best suppliers for you, pay visits to factories and check the quality of their facility and ensure deliveries in accordance with the requirements to prices, product range, quality, scope of supply and deadlines.
Development of the optimum logistics
We develop and adapt the logistics of delivery together with the suppliers and clients coordinating the routes with your logistics department and check the shipping and customs documents.
Contract management
We develop, execute and supervise all documentation in compliance with the legislation and trade practices. Also we maintain communication with the suppliers so as to negotiate the most favourable terms of payment or crediting.
Post-contract service
Our service provides for consultations, quality verification and other agreed parameters even after the goods come in to warehouses. Also we check adherence to the contractual obligations.
Claims control
We perform detailed analysis of the quality problems and consult laboratories and production operatives trying to find out possible causes of non-conformances. We work together with independent laboratories and substantiate claims with documents as well as settle the process and propose alternative solutions (replacement, return of goods or compensation).
Customs Duty Information
We estimate the customs cost of the goods: determine the TH code, customs duty, additional expenses and fees, check recent workable prices by official customs base.
Analytical work
We make assessment and analysis of the market, forecast trends, changes and risks on the basis of seasonality, weather conditions, harvest yield and a global economic and political situation.
Supervision of the delivery process
We oversee the entire delivery process and monitor all matters, settle the force-majeure cases and inform you about the delivery status.