Supply map

We supply fruit juices and purées, frozen berries from orchards and producers all over the world. As far as we collect the best raw materials, we permanently extend the geography of our work by seeking the best regions according to the growing conditions and processing. Nowadays in our database there are suppliers from such countries:
Transcarpathia: blueberries, blackberries, rose hips, lingonberries, apples, mushrooms

Rivne, Volhynia: blueberries, blueberries

Zhytomyr, Poltava: plum, pear, apricot, raspberry, blueberry

Vinnitsa: apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, currant

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil: apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry

Cherkasy: raspberries, strawberries, apple, plum, cherry
Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson: apple, strawberry, peach, apricot, sweet cherry, pepper, tomato
Spain: grapes, peach, apricot, pear, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower

Italy: grapes, peach, apricot, pear, apple, tomato

Hungary: plum, pear, apricot

Serbia: raspberries, blackberries, cherries

Greece: Peach

Holland: broccoli, cauliflower
Near East
Turkey: apple, grape, tomato, pomegranate, cherry, cherry, orange, pear, strawberry, lemon

Israel: orange, lemon, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, mandarin
South Africa: peach, pear, plum, apricot, apple
South America
Chile: peach, pear, plum, apple, prune, tomato, apricot, carrot

Ecuador: Banana

Costa Rica: Banana

Guatemala: Banana

Brazil: orange
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